Art has never
been so close

A revolutionary concept that takes art out of the places that traditionally host it, such as museums and galleries, and offers it to you in your homes, offices, professional offices.


The company's initiatives

We boast the organization of exhibitions and cultural events, some of which
in collaboration with public institutions. In Italy and abroad, our name resonates in the most prestigious places.


Why choose us

Call Center

The call center voices, experts in effective communication, illustrate the company's cultural message and agree on an appointment.

Consultants throughout Italy

Prepared consultants on artists and on the art market, who can thus offer the collector the most appropriate investment.


Possibility to divide the payments according to the needs and requirements of each of our customers.


with Levi

Paolo Levi, art critic, journalist, essayist, curator of Italian and international events, in collaboration with San Giorgio Arte presents the section "Appointment with Levi“.


All the artworks
are certified

Each work is equipped with authenticity certificate signed by the same artist. 

To further protect the customer, the document contains a number indicating membership of the Movement Archive.


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The App of San Giorgio Arte allows you to receive all information about Artists, Works, News directly on your mobile phone and keep you constantly updated on new events.

Featured paintings

Purchase pictures, paintings and luxury works of art in unique pieces.

Featured sculptures

You can buy the sculptures of international artists and display them in your spaces.


How to receive your artwork


Call call-center

The call center voices, experts in effective communication, illustrate the company's cultural message and agree on an appointment.


Make an appointment

The agents of SanGiorgio Arte will show you the selected works in detail.


Your artwork to your home.


From mind to canvas

Painters, sculptors and innovators of art who express their genius in creating unique masterpieces 


"The arcane for us is what is poetically hidden in the beauty of the visible, what we want to reveal and what everyone can discover."

Paolo Levi
Founded by Paolo Levi, the Arcani Movement is made up of ten artists united by mystery.
In November 2012 it was on display at the ONU Palace.


The true quality of art

San Giorgio Arte has among its 6,000 customers, distributed throughout the European territory, amateurs and collectors of historical and contemporary artists.
Here the testimonies of our customers who have chosen some of our works of art from the selection of our gallery

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Contact us for further clarification and to choose the artwork suitable for you and your spaces.