Armonie Riverse, the painful humanity of the Bari journalist Rossella Cea 

Armonie Riverse, the painful humanity of the Bari journalist Rossella Cea 



The novel presented at the Sangiorgio Arte gallery in Bari

The gallery Sangiorgio Art, as part of the exhibition inaugurated last December, Dalí, the surrealist thought, suggests meeting with Rossella Cea, author of the book "Reverse harmonies". 

Saturday 4 February at 7pm, in the precious exhibition dedicated to the Catalan master, the writer, journalist, painter and illustrator from Bari will present her first work which portrays a humanity

“I don't want to be Salvador Dalí and nothing else. Even if as I get closer, Salvador Dali moves away from me.” Thus the Master reflected on his personal life quest, that uninterrupted path that reaches us whispering the sense of what has been his revolutionary art but, at the same time, also the spiritual yearning of a man and a great artist who he sought authenticity. celebrat

or with a major exhibition, The Surrealist Thought, the first in Bari at the Sangiorgio Arte gallery, the historic venue founded and directed by Antonio Lagioia, which features the great names of the twentieth century and young contemporaries on the international scene. On Saturday 4 February 2023, the splendid atmosphere of the works of the Surrealist Master was the setting for the presentation of the short novel Armonie Riverse by Rossella Cea, artist, journalist and writer from Bari. The first successful experiment in a series of literary and cultural events to which the gallery intends to give space in the coming months. The intent is to create an all-round cultural salon, a point of reference for the city of Bari. Restless humanity told through the eyes of Andrea, the book's protagonist and failed pianist, Nietzschean hero par excellence, who fights against stereotypes and forced do-gooders, embodies and represents today's artist and his difficulties in finding his own space in a materialistic and hostile society. By launching a message that pushes the search for the profound meaning of Art. Rossella Cea, a pupil of the famous cartoonist Carlo Peroni, winner of numerous national literary prizes, recently exhibited her works in Moscow and at the Berlin Biennale. He has an upcoming exhibition planned in New York in the spring. Special guests of the evening were the critic Rino Campanelli, author of one of the prefaces of the novel, the international violinist Marco Misciagna, who cheered the audience with a very pleasant musical performance. The theater and fiction actor Luca Mastrolitti instead interpreted and read some passages from the book. The journalist Marigea Cirillo has the task of moderating the meeting, with the professionalism and elegance that has always distinguished all the gallery's initiatives. The Dalì exhibition currently underway will be extended for the entire month of March.

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