PERSONALIZED ART. Art in your home.

PERSONALIZED ART. Art in your home.



SanGiorgioArte combines professionalism with a basic idea that is still its strong point today: ad personam art. A revolutionary concept that takes art out of the places that traditionally host it, such as museums and galleries, and offers it at home, in homes and in professional studios. The masterpieces of the masters of the twentieth century and a vast choice of contemporary artists.

Art is just a click away, directly to your home!

Consult our website and explore our selection of works to find the perfect painting that fits your space, transforming your home into an art gallery with a click. Stay up to date on our events in the gallery.

SanGiorgioArte gallery

Street They shoot 79 Bari

info: 0805468864 - 3405903641


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