Boni Paola

Boni Paola

Paola Boni can be defined as the author of the newspaper that reports on paper with exquisite precision what surrounds her, without neglecting the slightest detail. For example, here Moses it is a splendid one golden retriever dealt with polite, meticulous and precious traits. It is evidently a creature much loved by the author, and joyfully reciprocated in the intimate dialogue that exists exclusively between dog and owner, as anyone who has experienced it well knows. Paola Boni is an artist with an attentive mind and a sensitive spirit in the execution of her harmonious scores. His writing is plastic in the perspective game of the evoked forms; I would even say magical for how it imposes itself on the eye of the observer in full truth, where the color is replaced by the wise calibration of signs.

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The works of Boni Paola

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