Carla Castaldo

Carla Castaldo

Carla Castaldo

His works, the result of profound meditation, speak of one other reality, of a primeval religiosity. They tell, through phantasmagoric symbolisms, stories suspended between immanence and transcendence, which show the path towards hope, peace and sharing, celebrating inner beauty, today trampled by vulgarity and the myth of appearing. To express his emotional universe, he feels the need to resort to very different artistic languages, but linked by a common denominator, consisting of the sinuosity of the lines and the use of gold enhanced by intense colors, which speak of a reality beyond space-time boundaries. In a first phase he performs pictorial representations on porcelain plates, using the ancient and difficult technique of third fire decoration, totally reinterpreted, where the fire plays an important role in the completion of the work (it is in the firing phase that the artifact risks its integrity and the colors take on the final intensities and shades). Subsequently, he dedicated himself to the hand-shaping of clay (creating bas-reliefs and objects) and to the creation of works and necklaces in hand-worked brass foil, sometimes resorting to contamination with glazed terracotta. He also creates paintings on wood with gold leaf and paintings in which, by mixing sculpture and painting, he enhances the contrast between the material and spiritual world. He is currently experimenting with a type of three-dimensional painting technique.

Carla Castaldo's “painting” is never the result of a sudden manifestation, but of a thoughtful work, a thoughtful and well-studied choice, which confirms every time, indeed points out, Castaldo's artistic preparation. The robustness of signs, the drafting of color, the lyrical inspiration of his works, reveal to us a sensitive and attentive artist, who in the Italian artistic panorama is an authentic talent, with a highly recognizable and original style. The effective blend of shapes, colors and lights of his works combines lyricism and emotional intensity with stylistic and formal rigor. His is an art not linked to currents or temporary fashions, which are then inevitably destined to change or, worse still, collapse, but it is “painting” that remains, linked to more traditional aesthetic canons.

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The works of Carla Castaldo

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