Chiaraluce Stefania

Chiaraluce Stefania

Chiaraluce da Todi, is today a multifaceted artist, his works breathe of solar energy and what he represents goes beyond the visual image .. I simply try to express my emotions through the material and the colors… Stefania Chiaraluce Selected artist among the best contemporary artists, she exhibited for the entire period July-October, in the exhibition space organized by the Art Critic Dr. Giorgio Gregorio Grasso, on the occasion of Expo 2015. They wrote about her: In a name you can hide a destiny. Chiaraluce probably had within itself the sign of a future destiny, which in the light of the light would have sought its essence. Daughter of the sculptor Giovanni Chiaraluce, Stefania carries in her veins the unmistakable chromosomes of those who, through the medium of painting, feel they can express themselves at their best. Of experimental extraction, both in the themes and in the research of techniques, Stefania Chiraluce can be ascribed to a line of research that recalls the figurative surrealism of the early twentieth century. The floors break up, seem to overturn, the surfaces recall the fantastic landscapes trampled by the characters of Lewis Carrol, where the floors are deformed chessboards, the silhouetted skies take on the colors of the desert and where a sphere often returns, whether it be a sun, a moon or a ball, it is not possible to define it. Light becomes a key, unnatural like an old reflex filter, which makes the scenarios seem immensely warm and sunny. In addition to this trend Stefania produces works with a more didactic imprint, generally linked to the theme of nature as with flowers, of lived glimpses, as in the lanes of an Umbrian village, and in the chromatic study as in the monochrome canvases on blue. the protagonist of the composition is an instrument, the guitar or the violin, probably a tribute to his brother musician. However, his is a complex artistic experience, his technique is independent of the concept of painting understood in an absolute sense, his can more commonly be called in certain cases, picto-sculpture. The technique is explained at the will of the hand, the canvas is deforms and suddenly seems to give birth to three-dimensional shapes. It is the unusual chance that transpires from Stefania's works, it can be perfectly explained as Max Ernst <> did. Poetic. By Elisa Polidori-Historian of Art. The works of Stefania CHIARALUCE have genuinely impressed me. They reveal metaphysical and surreal memories present with absolute discretion in a profound and harmonious way. In fact, the artist aims at the unification of the two artistic movements that belonged to Dalì and Giorgio De Chirico, Carrà and Savinio to give the work an expressive condition and a more complex meaning than reality. Wide landscapes devoid of human presences in delicate monochromatism, freed from its usual relations and from the usual meanings, begins to live a completely different life, acquires an ambiguity and a polyvalence of meanings with the presence of easily identifiable objects such as books, musical instruments that the artist reports in other material works full of mystery and magic but also of heartbeats and beauty. The artist thus places himself in a position to grasp, from a surreal condition of a subject not chosen for his likelihood appeal) the very essence of his inner expressive potential. In fact, the monochromatism in Chiaraluce's works does not remove the light but makes it vibrate with the color-light in a completely dialectical way, if it is true that "color", as D'Annunzio has acutely reported, is the effort of matter. to become light. In fact, it is precisely the diffusion of light that produces in the works the artist a particular pseudo-intuitive perspective, open and dynamic in that full and intense process of spatialization, but above all full of cryptic resonances that only social dynamics could explain. For Chiraluce, therefore, the work is not about producing nature for what it is but is the place where the tale of fantastic dreams takes place, a place of supreme confluence of the spirit through which the immortal tale of art unfolds. Tommaso TRAVERSA Artist of artistic importance. The material works of Stefania Chiaraluce show the creative spirit of the artist. He elaborates interesting images and his own activity as a thinker, allows the reader to evaluate and appreciate the musical and theatrical “thought”. His works show that they are mental representations. The artist Stefania Chiaraluce with her dreamy atmospheres, invites to a journey where the ancestral sensations of a remote world meet distant worlds in a dance of emotions and futuristic and fairytale projections. An immediate synergy suggested that I contemplate a shared path of artistic growth and image by inserting Stefania Chiaraluce in the palette of the artists I follow and with whom we try to color the world.

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