the stage name of Federica Oddone, born in Alessandria in 1969. Graduated in pharmacy, she began experimenting with pictorial art as a self-taught. The first compositions are of a mixed and decorative type, but over the years it refines a high sensitivity for the choice of techniques and materials. Her non-academic path leads her to the search for the visual symbol as a means of communication and, over time, feels the need to eliminate the figurative trait to give voice to the simple nuance of color by expressing different soul vibrations. From studies on quantum physics, combined with Goethe's notions of color theory, and subsequently of Stainer, he arrives at new representations, made of primordial archetypes, kinetic lines of radiant energy and golden spirals (Fibonacci).

My artistic feeling is a constant flow of intuitive thought, an uninterrupted sound message that comes from the heart and turns into color "writes about himself Feofeo, an artist who has carved out an important space in the panorama of informal and abstract Italian art. This his first important monograph presents over 160 works created between 2011 and 2016 and divided into three sections, corresponding to as many artistic periods related to spirituality. From a technical point of view, the painter prefers acrylic colors on canvas or jute using various tools while, conceptually, many critics have identified the correlation between her paintings and alchemical studies, foreseeing a link both visually and semantically .
It is however evident that his research is directed not towards what surrounds us but digs into the darkest and most unknown meanders of consciousness, opening up infinite possibilities of interpretation and perception. Feofeo's initial greeting was simple and immediate, followed by the critical text by Giovanni Faccenda, a masterful key to “entering” into the artist's works. Texts in Italian and English.

"Within the contemporary artistic panorama, the original figure of Feofeo stands out thanks to an identity achieved by escaping fashions and approvals, in the progressive consolidation of an expressive path suspended between intimate abandonments and refined intellectual meditations."

Giovanni Faccenda

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