Ferrara Marco

Ferrara Marco

Marco Ferrara was born in 1974 in Canada. From an early age he demonstrated an aptitude for art with free and geometric drawing, which highlighted his strong technical skills. After high school studiesAcademy of Fine Arts of Naples, goes to Milan where he collaborates with the most important galleries, first among the management staff and subsequently, having discovered his creative talent, as an artist. From here he began a journey that offered him visibility in the most important Italian cities and then also abroad where he received numerous awards. Around 2010 it faced a production crisis. Inspiration seems to take paths that are too cumbersome, tortuous in form, tormented in expressions and yet, his works never cease to interest. Once the dark years have passed, the turning point. The artist consolidates the expressive form and becomes its absolute master by aligning himself on two different tracks: the vein classical, lyrical and delicate, to which even the prof. Sgarbipay attention, and that Contemporary, formal and conceptual, highly symbolic, which gives life to cycles of works with lines and colors that lend themselves well to designer furnishings of absolute value. The underlying theme of all his production is totality freedom of expression, the linearity of the forms, without excesses, without any descriptive load, yet full of very high and profound meaning. Sculptures that reflect the soul of a man and his torments, his humility and complexity, capable of transforming raw material into a work of art, through the skilful touch of his own hands.


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