Fornarelli Cristina

Fornarelli Cristina

Cristina Fornarelli is a painter who lives and works in Rome. He has exhibited in many galleries such as "Galleria Latina", Rome; “PassepArtout Unconventional Gallery”, Milan; “Space Oberdan”, Milan; “Saturarte”, Genoa; “Neoartgallery”, Rome; “Orizzonti”, Ostuni (BR); “Galleria Borghese di Mentana”, Rome; Villa Vecchia Doria Pamphilj Museum, Rome; Human Rights (international event), Rovereto (TN). He has participated in many international fairs, including Padua 2012-2013-2014; Forlì 2013-2014; Reggio Emilia 2013; Rome 2012-2013-2014; Istanbul 2012; Genoa 2014-2015; Bursa (Turkey) 2015; Singapore 2015; Hong Kong 2015. Cristina Fornarelli's pictorial work is essentially focused on the concept of femininity and the search for a continuous balance, a theme very dear to the artist. The works have an intense chromatic force, the colors are pure, applied directly with the palette knife; the vision of his works transmits an energetic and passionate force so strong as to arouse in the viewer an immediate involvement of the senses; the artist's game, in fact, is precisely to make him an accomplice emotionally, unleash his imagination and leave him free to imagine the rest of the scene. I have known Cristina Fornarelli for several years now, that is from the moment we met at a Roman exhibition in which she exhibited a chair painted in a fairly pop style. From there a sincere friendship was born that often went beyond the circuits of art and painting, while remaining linked to the world of culture and Roman life. To fully understand her paintings it is necessary to know the person because she, although hiding many aspects behind a shyness, appears as a sensitive woman and in the continuous search for freedom.

The subjects of his paintings are always women in the balance, hanging on swings, suspended in the void, dancing in an indefinite space, precisely to underline this sense of ephemeral poise. Nothing is certain in those figures just glimpsed, caught in relaxed and nostalgic attitudes, everything seems crystallized and blocked. We all would like to stop time, to nail the hands, to clog the hourglass, but it is not possible for us except in the act of representing this time. Well, Cristina paints remote-controlled dreams, in which she manages to slow down the flow of time as it can be done with a slowly rewound videotape. Linked to figurative painting, Cristina Fornarelli transforms tradition through a dreamlike and feminine taste strongly influenced by vintage advertising layouts, in which the subject wants to communicate emotions rather than convey content.

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