GANT - Gallery Artists No Tags

GANT - Gallery Artists No Tags

GANT - Gallery Artists No Tags - 3 LAII artists, Paul Kostabi and Frank Denot, instead of smearing the walls, combine graffiti and street art, giving life to a movement outside conventional art, a contemporary language, that of street art, which from New York to London, from Paris to Tokyo, is entering art galleries and private collections all over the world. The three artists, so different stylistically, are united and moved by the same ethical principles: the passion for music, the meaning of friendship, social belonging, origin; this means that they have managed to create a unique movement of collaboration between artists who in an individualistic society like ours is certainly unusual. In fact, their short manifesto reads: WE ARE NEW YORKERS (we are from New York), WE ARE GALLERY ARTISTS (we are Gallery artists), WE ARE WRITERS BUT WE DON'T (we are writers but we do not stain the walls), WE ARE A CROSSOVER BETWEEN STREET LANGUAGE & CONVENTIONAL ART (we are a cross between street language and conventional art).

TAG WALL Thus real two or three-handed stylistic experiments were born on the same painting, where usually Frank Denot begins each work and then leaves room for Paul Kostabi and LAII to give their individual contribution. In January of this year the Manifesto of the Movement was presented in New York defining a total collaboration between the three artists who each year will have a central theme for their works. 2010 is focused on New York, while 2011 is already scheduled for the works to be dedicated to the life and style of the New York rock band THE WILLOWZ, while 2012 will probably be dedicated to fashion.

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