Lazarus Walter

Lazarus Walter

Walter Lazzaro (Rome 1914 – Milan 1989) is an Italian painter and actor. His training took place in Rome at the Art School and atBelle Academy Arts of Rome. From 1935 he became a teacher of Painting at the Art School of Rome and at the Fine Arts academies of Rome, Carrara, Bologna, Milan-Brera.

The iconographic peculiarity that distinguishes his art of the first period is the presence of deserted beaches with solitary boats, umbrellas and deckchairs, blue and white striped cabins, or motionless figures outlined, immersed in a diaphanous light.

Second Giorgio de Chirico, “we feel the subtle presence of this life that is silent, of this silent life that with its silence says many things that, commonly, cannot be heard”. The war largely marked his life. Taken prisoner while serving as a lieutenant in the grenadiers, he was deported to a concentration camp in Poland. He will describe this experience in numerous drawings and paintings with twisted and suffering figures. 

At the end of the conflict he begins to paint again but from that moment on the human figure is absent in his landscapes. In 1958 he founded the Poets-Painters Movement. We also remember him as an actor in various films such as The baker Of Enrico Guazzoni from 1943 where he is Raffaello Sanzio. In 2013 Italian post, on the occasion of Memorial Day, makes a special cancellation with a drawing of Lazarus. One of his self-portraits is present in the collection of Pitti Palace in Florence


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