Milan Mimmo

Milan Mimmo

Born in Gioia del Colle (BA) on 20/03/1966, with the first paintings he set up his first personal exhibition and later participated in numerous national and international collective exhibitions. He exhibits at the Unione Gallery, Expo Arte Bari, Arte Padova, Expo Udine, European Parliament in Brussels and other similar events. Mimmo Milano, from Puglia in Gioia del Colle, technical studies, self-taught painter firmly determined to develop his predisposition to art not only by painting, but above all by documenting and deepening the sign language. The sign is the first artistic and communicative expression of man, but also the final solution of extreme synthesis. His is a passionate search through the manual ability of visual language; an in-depth study through the great theorists of the sign, and especially through Leonardo Da Vinci's Treatise on Painting.

His investigation starts from the affirmations of Cennino Cennini that in the "book of art" emphasizing that through manual skills we get to drawing, to painting as "... hand operation, to find things not seen, ... to stop them with the hand", states that on this "road" an infinite number of expressions are made. Then, through Leonardo Da Vinci's treatise on painting, Mimmo Milano translates into Leonardo the basic principle according to which painting must tend to become an instrument of knowledge allowing to combine the advantages of speculative inquiry with those of its visual verification and its representation reaching a new and more effective form of philosophical speculation.

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