Puleo Stefano

Puleo Stefano

He was born in Acitrezza (Catania) in 1950. The Sicily is the protagonist of all his artistic production. For colors, landscapes, chosen subjects. In his homeland he exhibits works for numerous exhibitions. Solo and group exhibitions of the artist are also set up abroad, from Europe (including the European Parliament) to the United States. He is assistant to the chair of Pictorial Disciplines at the Artistic Lyceum of Catania, and in 1980 he collaborates in the drafting of the Southern Newspaper, creating drawings of political satire and grotesque satyr for the magazine. He wins the Pulchra Ecclesia Prize, an exhibition of arts for the sacred space in Montichiari (Brescia), the International Carthage Prize in Hammamet (Tunisia) as well as the XXI edition of the Prize of the Arts Prize of Culture (Critics Award) in Milan on the recommendation of Prof. Carlo Franza.

It is inserted in the Catalog of Modern Art published by Giorgio Mondadori (Milan), classified AC: High Critical Interest. It is part of Arcani Movement with which he exhibits in Italy and the United States. In November 2012 his works dedicated to human rights are exhibited at the UN gallery. On this occasion the artist focuses particularly on the issues of poverty and motherhood.

He is also skilled sculptor, preferring the bronze realization of female figures. He paints oils on canvas, embellishing the colors on the market with natural pigments obtained from the red earth of Etna. His Sicily is therefore also in the chosen technique.

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The works of Puleo Stefano

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