Michele Roccotelli

Michele Roccotelli

Michele Roccotelli was born in Minervino Murge, Puglia. He began exhibiting in 1968 and since then he has been present in important national exhibitions, in prestigious Italian galleries and contemporary art fairs, where he has been exhibiting permanently for about thirty years. He is present in the exhibition spaces of Ghelfi of Verona, to Castel dell'Ovo in Naples, with staff Mediterranean, the exhibition then moved to Brussels at the headquarters of European Parliament

A significant representative of local painting, he also dedicated himself to ceramics, taking inspiration from Apulian forms and techniques for ever new inventions. 

Participate in Art biennials and has been awarded important prizes several times. Numerous and prestigious catalogs dedicated to him by renowned cultural institutes, with interventions by well-known critics preserved at Thomas J. Waston Library of the Metropolitan Museum of Art di New York.  

The latest solo shows include large-format paintings, ceramics, sculptures, recycling of waste objects but relived with his particular creative stamp, made of colors and materials. Tireless Master of Arts for talented studentsMargherita Academy of Bari, prepares exhibitions with them in art galleries and public and private exhibition spaces.


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