Ulysses, aka Rossano Massaccesi, was born in Osimo in 1957. Just like the Homeric character, after having wandered around the world in search of his own being, touching the main goals of art, he returned to his "Ithaca", or rather Osimo. Here he lives and works today. Self-taught, he entered the world of contemporary painting and sculpture from a young age, through the teachings of great masters who refer to "naive" art. For some years he has started to participate in collective exhibitions and exhibitions. Known and recognized already by those working in the sector, he has now fully entered among the artists who are requested from the gallery owner. Invited to many events, he has only participated in important national and international exhibitions, where he has always had considerable success.

The central theme of his painting are landscapes and life scenes from the past, between the Middle Ages and the present day. The world to which Ulysses draws his pictorial work is that of the Marche and Umbrian landscapes. But also others are the peculiar elements that characterize his artistic production. Even the material used is: he paints on wooden boards and each one is treated with a particular base that gives the oil its materiality. This technique reinforces the sensation of movement given to the characters depicted. Another peculiarity: it is true that Ulysses refers to medieval dream painting, but this naive component is revisited mainly with the use of perspective and with the definition of details, especially in the case of chess, labels on bottles, architectural details. everything is enlivened by bright and sunny tones and colors. But it is above all the message that the painter transmits through his works to be characteristic. Ulysses is pungent, ironic, but the vision of things is treated with constant positivity. It is no coincidence that the people depicted in his paintings are sometimes clear references to real characters, or fantastic but known to the public. They find space in the artist for a subjective review, effectively adhering to the situations created. The characters that animate the paintings of Ulysses are almost exclusively nuns and priests. How to recognize Ulysses' painting among a thousand others? The artist provides the means, which are also used for non-professionals. First of all, the landscapes are easily recognizable, attributable to a medieval iconography, except in a few sporadic cases to be considered "off topic".

Then we mention the technique, which is absolutely original, for the use of the wooden board prepared in such a particular way. But mainly it is the characters of the world of Ulysses who give uniformity to his work: red pretini, nuns and sometimes friars populate these villages and revive them, bringing them back to their former glory. For the more in-depth, we also recommend looking at the works not only on the front but also on the back, where there are indications that guarantee authenticity and provide data relating to archiving.

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