Warhol Andy

Warhol Andy

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Andy Warhol was born in 1928 in Pittsburgh to a family of Ukrainian origin. Among the major interpreters of American pop art, chooses objects from everyday life as protagonists of his works, demonstrating how even a consumer good can become art. His works are an attack on the role of mass media which spread a consumerist culture to always give rise to new desires.

He became famous by copying industrial boxes, photographs of Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe or works by past artists such as Leonardo e Botticelli. With self-deprecating intentions he also reproduces his own image and with eccentric behavior he transforms from an artist into a star. The series of images reproducing soup cans are famous Campbell's®, the bottles of Coca-Cola®, the serigraphs (type of prints) of Jacqueline Kennedy and Elvis PresleyLenin Mao Zedong

His works do not have the perfection of a photographic shot but reveal flows of color or black marks that prevent the image from being impersonal. In the 1960s he also successfully dedicated himself to directing, helping to make the underground cinema. He attacks American puritanism by describing the lives of drug addicts, homosexuals and transvestites. Death occurred at the age of just 59 (in 1987 in New York) following an operation.


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