Zuckermann Chelita

Zuckermann Chelita

Mexican and Italian self-taught architect and artist, born in Mexico City, graduated in Architecture in 1991. In 2006 she moved to live in Italy. Since 2016 he has been making artistic works, transforming aluminum sheets into sculptures. In 2017 two of his works are placed in public places in Porto Rotondo. Since 2019, two of his sculptures have been part of the art collections of 2 Museums, one in the PAPALOTE Museum in Mexico City and the other in the Jewish Museum of Casale Monferrato, Italy. He won 4 first Sculpture Prizes and 1 Architecture Prize, in October 2020 wins the Biancoscuro Art Contest 2020 award, in 2019 he won in the 13th Arte Laguna di Venezia Prize in the Business for Art Category and 2 prizes in Palm Springs, USA. The lightness of aluminum allows his sculptures to move in the breath of the wind. Thanks to the total reflection properties up to 98% of this brilliant aluminum, his sculptures reflect natural and artificial light and blend into the environment, taking colors from nature as a reflection. With her works, Chelita wants to bring joy and light to anyone who owns them.

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