The Lux Dei exhibition is underway. Beauty and mysticism in the religious art of Oronzo Lupo.

The Lux Dei exhibition is underway. Beauty and mysticism in the religious art of Oronzo Lupo.



The vernissage of the exhibition was held on Saturday LUX DEI by Oronzo Lupo. The artist's works, inspired by the Holy Scriptures, transported viewers on a journey through classical beauty and spirituality.
We would like to warmly thank all those who participated and invite you to immerse yourself in the art of Oronzo Lupo until April 6.

His signature is spirituality and the model from which he draws inspiration is the interiority of the Renaissance era. The religious art of Oronzo Lupo it evokes emotions and presents itself as a symbol, even more so if contextualised to the period of Lent we are experiencing. The fifty-year-old artist from Francavilla Fontana, with his exhibition Lux Dei takes us to a mystical terrain where the spectator finds himself disoriented not only by so much beauty but also by the transcendence that he brings to life in an admirable way in his characters, linked to a humble and innocent humanity.

The intensely expressive faces, depicted by expert brushstrokes, present such an abundance of details that they seem real. The eyes full of light and the pathos that envelops all the characters portrayed in Lux Dei give the works great authenticity and an aura of engaging mysticism. 

Lupo steals from the Renaissance, in addition to interiority, executive rigor. He rewrites the Holy Scriptures in painting, establishing a dialogue with sacredness, without exceeding in originality but adhering to the canonical rules. He makes a calibrated choice of shades to match spiritual emotions, testifying to his visionary religiosity. His Via Crucis, with the careful execution of the individual stations, represents the pinnacle of his artistic creed. 

The exhibition, free of charge, will remain open to the public until April 6 and can be visited from Tuesday to Friday 10/13, 16/19 and Saturday 10/13, 16.30/20. 


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