l’arte di Eliseo Sonnino. ll pupillo di Achille Perilli  in una mostra curata dalla figlia Nadja

Thursday 30 June 2022 at 7.00 pm ENERGETICA VERNISSAGE by the artist Eliseo Sonnino.

The name of the exhibition opens the gaze to distant horizons. It is called Energetics and tells of marine environments that rediscover brightness and colors, natural environments that sprout autonomously, solar environments full of active light. It is the art of Eliseo Sonnino who enters the gallery on Thursday 30 June with a vernissage that will take place in the presence of the artist and curator of the exhibition Nadja Perilli, daughter of the unforgettable master Achille.

Last December, SanGiorgioArte hosted Achille Perilli's Imaginary Space, one of the most important contemporary art exhibitions by the Italian master of abstractionism, who recently passed away at the age of 94. Six months later, the staff of one of his favorite disciples arrives. 

Born in Rome in 1984 and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of the capital, Sonnino also uses a purely abstract language characterized by research on the contrasts between form and color. His art establishes a relationship with global nature and reaffirms artistic autonomy. It identifies with the thought of the post-war avant-gardes but needs change in a continuous dialogue with the natural, with the universal.

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