ENERGETICS - The energy of colors and shapes by Eliseo Sonnino for the first time in Bari

ENERGETICS - The energy of colors and shapes by Eliseo Sonnino for the first time in Bari


BARI - An intertwining of sign and color in an infinite variation of shapes. It is the stylistic code of Eliseo Sonnino who, through a purely abstract language, manages to communicate a great energy. And it is from this peculiarity that the personal exhibition Energetica takes its name, which will be inaugurated on Thursday 30 June at 7 pm at the San GiorgioArte gallery in Bari, in the presence of the artist. At the cutting of the ribbon there will be the curator of the exhibition, Nadja Perilli, daughter of the unforgettable master Achille Perilli, from whom Sonnino learned the secrets and traditions of abstractionism. Curvilinear sections, geometric and reticular elements, linear elements. Two souls seem to converge in the artist's pictorial research: one more instinctive and passionate, the other that follows the path of rule, geometric logic, measure.

In his training, the Roman artist combined his study activities with a long experience in urban art that left tangible marks in his production, in a never interrupted relationship between artistic expression and metropolis. From his works you can perceive the magisterium of Perilli, Dorazio and Turcato but Sonnino had the ability to assimilate the techniques and rework them in a personal evolution that makes him unique and recognizable. The artist favors the vertical trend of the visual structures and the strong combinations that give rise to contrast: contrast of shapes, of powerful colors, of signs and spaces. The superposition and fusion of these forces generates his multifaceted world. It will be possible to visit the exhibition until 29 July from Monday to Friday 10/13, 16/19.

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