Genius Genius – The Masters of the 20th Century

Genius Genius – The Masters of the 20th Century



The collective to celebrate an unrepeatable century. On display: Guttuso, De Chirico, Sassu, Migneco, Lichenstein, Warhol, Kounellis, Festa, Savinio, Schifano and Christo

The paintings of the twentieth century open a window onto an impetuous historical period, full of extraordinary events. Industrial technological development and world wars reverberate on art in an indelible way. The frenzy of the time gives life to a notable production of works in which the inner world and feelings take the place of classical academic precepts. A unique and unrepeatable phase that could not be ignored.

Thus, we decided to dedicate the exhibition entitled "Genius Genius – THE Masters of the Twentieth Century" which will be inaugurated Saturday 25 November (6.30pm) to celebrate those authors who have made the history of world art and painting. A collective exhibition that brings together over forty canvases by the best international artists of the 20th century. There will be:

Renato Guttuso, protagonist of neorealist painting, marked the history of Italian art in the second half of the twentieth century; Giorgio de Chirico, the most important exponent of the Metaphysical movement that laid the foundations for surrealism; Aligi Sassu, he brought to canvas a personal point of view on reality and the world using color, his unmistakable signature; Giuseppe Migneco with its icons symbolizing the Sicilian popular world, farmers, fishermen, shepherds represented with an expressionistic use of colour; Roy Lichtenstein, among the main exponents of American Pop Art, famous for being inspired by newspaper prints and comics and in particular by those with the typographical screen that characterizes his works with the characteristic polka dots; Andy Warhol, artist-entrepreneur who considers art not only a tool of social criticism but also a product from which profits can be made; Janis Kounellis of Greek origin, among the main exponents of Arte Povera, known for the creation of installations made with waste materials; Tano Festawho gave a new definition of Pop Art by bringing it closer to Italian culture and its traditions; Alberto Savinio, younger brother of Giorgio De Chirico, with his singular style halfway between surrealism and metaphysics, and his painting rich in symbolic meanings and cultural references; Mario Schifano, prolific and exuberant artist, considered the greatest exponent of Italian and European Pop Art; Christo, of Bulgarian origins, undisputed master of Land Art, who in the 1960s undermined the rules of the art world with gigantic installations. 

The exhibition will close its doors on January 27th. 

We are waiting for you in the gallery.


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