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Paolo Levi is an art critic, journalist, essayist, curator of Italian and international events.

For the first time, artists and collectors have the opportunity to meet together in the Club of the opera on paper.

When he works on paper with pencil, charcoal, sanguine, watercolor, etching, or when reworking a digital image, the Artist feels free to act, attentive and at ease. Usually the inner practice similar to that of the poet, wise in the delicate moment of the execution - slow or quick be it - on the delicate support of the paper, achieves the maximum result when he innocently follows the hand, listening to it in the mind-guided procedure. Exquisitely cultural phenomenon that is expanding in the world of collectors, excited observers of drawing, watercolor, engraving and also of the new expressive techniques created with digital means. For him, like reading a poem performed by arcane signs, and he considers it superficial to judge it as a poor relative of the painting on canvas or of sculpture. The collector belongs to the group of amateurs and the curious of works on paper by twentieth century and contemporary artists. He is a character who relies on his own taste, his sense of smell or the advice of the connoisseur. In the passion of possessing poetic expressions on a support of ancient tradition, there is perseverance that guides us to seek unexpected aesthetic and content revelations. And now the magic moment for the collector to find pencil drawings, ink, watercolors, engravings, lithographs, different expressive languages and therefore new emotions.

Each artist selected by the critic Paolo Levi enjoys the following services:

• Internet page in the section "The Joy of the Opera on Paper";
• publication of 6 images on paper on our website;
• declaration of critical and market responsibility drawn up by prof. Paolo Levi; • critical text by Paolo Levi;
• worksheet: title, technique, support, dimensions, year of execution;
• visibility in the magazine "La Gioia dell'Arte", directed by Paolo Levi. Article on the international design market and section dedicated to the project, with publication of a work by artist.
• public exhibition event "Art emotions on paper", scheduled for 2020. by Prof. Paolo Levi at the Museum of Brindisi, "F. Ribezzo".


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