GENIUS GENIUS evening – VERNISSAGE 25 November 2023

GENIUS GENIUS evening – VERNISSAGE 25 November 2023



Incredible success for the Vernissage of the exhibition “GENIUS GENIUS – the Masters of the 20th century”, inaugurated by the art critic Francesco Gallo Mazzeo.

A window wide open onto a century of great ferment, told through the talent of international artists who have forever marked the history of art in Italy and around the world. The twentieth century is the protagonist of the collective exhibition entitled Genius Genius – The masters of the twentieth century, which will be inaugurated Saturday 25 November (6.30 pm) at the gallery SanGiorgioArte of Bari. On display are the works of the most representative masters of the 20th century, a period of time characterized by notable political and social upheavals that gave rise to a thriving and innovative artistic production, in contrast to the past. 

These were years in which a tendency to protest against tradition emerged, which was born as a reaction to progress. Technological development and world wars make us feel a need for modernity and for overcoming bourgeois conventions. The art world questions itself on what is happening and adapts to the new feeling by bringing feelings and interiority to the foreground in place of the now obsolete academic precepts. 

The exhibition recounts the anxieties of those years with over forty canvases. There will be: Renato Guttuso with its Neorealism; Giorgio de Chirico, the most important exponent of Metaphysics; Aligi Sassu which has made color its unmistakable signature, Giuseppe Migneco with its icons symbolizing the Sicilian popular world. 

There is also space for Arte Povera with its greatest exponent of Greek origins, Janis Kounellis, and to the singular style halfway between surrealism and metaphysics of Alberto Savinio, younger brother of Giorgio De Chirico.

And again Pop Art, a social as well as artistic phenomenon with its greatest exponents, the Americans Andy Warhol e Roy Lichtenstein, and the Italians Mario Schifano e Tano Festa who have given it a new definition by bringing it closer to Italian culture and its traditions. 

Finally, the undisputed master of Land Art, the Bulgarian Christo who in the 60s undermined the rules of art with gigantic installations. The exhibition, free of charge, will remain open to the public until January 27 and you can visit it from Tuesday to Friday 10/13 – 16/19; Saturday 10/13 – 16.30/20

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