EMBRACE, The soul in an embrace. VERNISSAGE on 10 February 2024

EMBRACE, The soul in an embrace. VERNISSAGE on 10 February 2024



Great public participation on Saturday 10 February for the vernissage of "Embrace – The soul in an embrace”. Exhibition-path that tells the physicality of bodies in an imaginative and mysterious dimension that characterizes the human soul.

Embrace represents the most recent result of Roccotelli's intense production. Through the common thread of the hug, denied to anyone and in every latitude during the pandemic period, and therefore so desired, Roccotelli talks to us about feelings, love, acceptance, participation. A hug that goes beyond physicality, to be able to dialogue without words, to express harmony, thoughts and emotions to others. Everyone will be able to see in those canvases and in those intertwined bodies, the meanings they believe and the feelings for which they felt most nostalgic.

Apulian from Minervino Murge, born in 1946, Roccotelli expresses an emotional painting, characterized by chromatic liveliness, which develops on two levels, between art and experience. In his works, different points of observation overlap, expressed with chromatic stagnation and sudden escape routes. The artist recognizes the ability of imagination to modify real life to achieve a deeper knowledge of the world. For over 40 years Roccotelli has exhibited in prestigious national and foreign exhibitions, exporting a piece of Puglia to the rest of Europe.

The exhibition, free of charge, will close on March 2 and you can access the gallery from Tuesday to Friday 10/13 16/19 and Saturday 10/13 16.30/20. Entrance is free. 

For information www.sangiorgioarte.it

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