Wall Street Italia Magazine: interview with director Antonio Lagioia, Past, present and future of SanGiorgioArte

Wall Street Italia Magazine: interview with director Antonio Lagioia, Past, present and future of SanGiorgioArte



From home art to the gallery in the heart of Bari. Over thirty years of history told, with the passion that distinguishes him, by the founder of San Giorgio, Antonio Lagioia, to the prestigious Wall Street Italia Magazine. Vision and a lot of heart to keep up with the times, in a constantly evolving market.

Art at home. This is the mantra of Sangiorgio Arte, a company founded in Bari more than thirty years ago by Antonio Lagioia, the current artistic director. Who tells us: ”We have taken art out of the places usually assigned to the sale of works of art. A small revolution that began in 1987, thanks to the happy intuition of being able to replicate in the art world what had been happening for some time with the home sale of publishing products”. But the idea is not enough if guarantees are not offered, especially in the art market. 

Lagioia specifies: "Those who turn to us are sure to buy certified original works". And to make the purchase easier and more affordable for a greater number of pockets, Sangiorgio Arte makes use of the services of Microfinance, Cofidis' financial agency. “Thanks to their new financial products, today anyone can buy beauty to furnish the home, the professional studio or to give it on important occasions. With access to microfinance, one can indulge a whim or bet on an investment in art without disturbing the family menage. Many find this formula interesting and many simple enthusiasts have become true art collectors thanks to a small monthly financial commitment. Thus the collaboration with Cofidis has widened the audience of our interlocutors".

In a market, such as the art one, which knows no crisis. This is demonstrated by the financial statements of the major national auction houses. "Art is a safe-haven asset that offers interesting prospects for revaluation over time and which has shown signs of great resilience in the pandemic, thanks to the transition to internet sales".

But the web hasn't affected the physical exhibitions. This is demonstrated by the success of the personal exhibition dedicated to Salvador Dalì, in collaboration with the Dalì Universe, curated by SanGiorgioArte. “The 8,000 visitors to the exhibition testify to how strong the desire for art and beauty is”.


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