About us

The company was founded and managed by Antonio Lagioia, Sangiorgio Arte is based in Bari with an international vocation.

We are born with an original idea that is still our strong point today: art ad personam .
A revolutionary concept that takes art out of place which traditionally host it, such as museums and galleries, and offer it to you at in your home, offices, professional offices.

Art exclusively, in a privileged way.


We like to look in three directions.

First of all, the masterpieces of the greats Masters of the twentieth century like Dance, Boccioni, Campigli, De Chirico, Guttuso, Migneco, Sassu, Savinio.
And then a wide choice of contemporary artists such as Adami, Angels, Castellani, From there', Party, fountain, Picasso, Schifano.
We support and exclusively sell the Arcana Movement.
With over two thousand works available, we participate in all the most important national fairs.

SanGiorgioArte on TV

We are also present on the Net with a Youtube channel that presents the exhibition at the UN and all the television services made on Sangiorgio and on the Arcani Movement.

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ONU Palace | New York

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Seduction | Rai International

Start 2 Match | Tekla Tv

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