Lupo Oronzo

Lupo Oronzo

Oronzo Lupo was born in Francavilla Fontana on 06-07-1973. He attended the State Art Institute of Grottaglie (TA) and in July '97 he completed the years of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce. Qualified with ordinary competition for teaching, since September '99 he has been a professor of Drawing and History of Art. The paintings of the Wolf "attack" immediately, forcing the visitor's gaze, soul and mind to search, "beyond" and within the flexibility of the large drapery, of the faces and eyes full of light, the intense life of the characters and the pathos that characterizes and historicizes them with arrogance and "lively" sweetness. Those of Oronzo Lupo are living figures, figures born from his great love for all that is true, which is real, like the very air he breathes, like the warm and generous earth that nourished him and vibrates in his blood and on skin, the earth from which he draws the fundamental colors of his palette, red and ocher, the colors with which, through the brush, he "seems to photograph" reality. Receives numerous prizes and recognitions such as: in 1992 First national prize in Abano Terme "Passeggiata delleTerme" Project for the Paving of the Portico and the Loggia; in 1995 - First prize impromptu of Painting, San Sebastiano Committee, Francavilla Fontana (BR), in 1998 First prize in the national competition "Comaedìa 2000" (the work "let all hope .." is exhibited in the Casa di Dante, Florence) and in 2007 Prize for "artistic value" at the 1st international competition "Eiffel Trophy" in Paris. Since 2009 he has collaborated with the prestigious “San Giorgio Arte Investimenti” gallery. Since 2014 he has been making portraits of the most famous Hollywood actors for the Saint Pio Foundation.

His paintings "attack" and force us to look beyond, his figures are true figures, born from his passion for all that is real. Expressed in warm colors and bright looks, they have the strength of one photography.

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