Di Tommaso Angelo

Di Tommaso Angelo

He was born in Formia, in Lazio, in 1953. He attended the Accademia del Cimento in the eighties and then the Roman school with the teacher Carlo Marcantonio.
Since 2006 it has been present in the bioiconographic archive of the Modern Art Gallery in Rome and is included in the Catalog of Modern Art published by Giorgio Mondadori (Milan), classified AC: High Critical Interest.
It is part of Arcani Movement with which he exhibits in Italy and the United States. In November 2012 his works, dedicated to human rights and inspired by Martin Luther King, are exhibited at the UN Gallery. One of his works is acquired on permanent display by the Giuseppe Sciortino Museum in Monreale (Palermo). Another is on permanent display at the National Museum in Lviv, Ukraine.

His painting is sensual and grainy, and it stages archaic landscapes with elegant figures with a deep gaze. It is linked to the tradition of the Grand Masters, for this reason his works are often tributes to artists of the past: Picasso, Magritte, De Chirico, Gauguin, Canova.
His technique is absolutely original. He paints with acrylics and oil pastels applied on plywood, polypropylene or canvas bases. To them he affixes material interventions of various types. Each work requires several stages of realization. He died in December 2016.

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