Fabrizio Paola

Fabrizio Paola

Paola Fabrizio was born in Rome, where she lives and works. He has been painting since the age of three. Painter, sculptress, mosaicist, she soon stands out with the production of numerous pencil and watercolor drawings. After completing his linguistic studies, he embarks on a series of trips to Europe to deepen and perfect the figurative techniques. Fascinated by the greats of Impressionism, she made numerous trips to Paris and Normandy, where a first period dedicated to the study of light and color inserted in a landscape environment, followed by the acquisition and refinement of new painting techniques in the representation of spaces and prospects. In subsequent trips to Latin America and the East, different cultures, anthropology, history and technology blend with the artist's sensitivity, constituting the fertile meeting ground for his artistic maturity. Starting from the historical document, an original interweaving of art, history and medicine unfolds, culminating in the ability to harmoniously blend these forms of knowledge through the artistic-pictorial medium. Paola Fabrizio has to her credit numerous collective exhibitions and reviews in Italy and abroad. «A sincere and natural inspiration lives in the happy pictorial spontaneity of Paola Fabrizio.

His is a way of grasping the secrets of the soul in the visual amazement of nature, described with elegance of realistic language even in the impression of memories and in the warm tension of the Mediterranean light. That light that the artist manages to embed in his harmonious expressive form with acute sensitivity of doughs and vibrant materiality of brush strokes that allows it to range in the search for modern and original techniques and themes, often overcoming the boundaries of tradition. Thus in tune with her intimate, at times almost physiological, need to be fascinated by always new creative motivations, Paola Fabrizio reveals in addition to a precious landscape immediacy, the possibility of representing the deepest study of man in an interesting chromatic game, in the essential symbols of life. It is an almost unreal rhythm of abstractions, lines and writing, which paints “nuclei” of existence as crystals of color ». (Nicolina Bianchi) «The science and the world of medicine fascinates her and even in the construction of brilliant floral compositions there are the symbols of her most current inspirations». (Alfredo Borghini) «Paola Fabrizio's paintings are pictorial narratives of exceptional expressive frankness». (Mara Ferloni).

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