Gentilini Franco

Gentilini Franco

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He was born in Faenza in 1909. He started working at a very young age as a wood carver apprentice. Study Industrial Design and Plastic at the Tommaso Minardi municipal school. In 1928 he went to Paris, then moved permanently to Rome where he attended the historian Aragno coffee thanks to which he knows artists and writers such as Cagli, Mucci, Falqui, Sinisgalli, de Libero with whom he collaborates.

He participates in Biennials, Quadrennials and creates public works, easel works, compositions inspired by popular country festivals. His technique involves a preparatory fund in river sand and it consists of a union between drawing and painting. Among the typical figures of Gentilini there are Cathedrals, Battisteri, city walls, jugglers, landscapes, women with ankle boots with spool heels, bicycles, carts and animals (cats and lions).

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The works of Gentilini Franco

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