Guadalupi Roberto - The evolution

Guadalupi Roberto - The evolution

He was born in Brindisi in 1954. He made his debut as a set designer in the 70s. He is interested in painting fascinated by Impressionism and Romantic Realism. The works of the first period are characterized by expressions of social complaint, like the roosters representing the institutions. And then the locomotives, a futuristic symbol of the relationship between time flowing and speed.
He knows great artists including Bay, Alinari, Giovan Francesco Gonzaga, Possenti, Treccani, Combas, Pignatelli, Longaretti. He exhibits in Stuttgart, Innsbruck, Luxembourg, Arles, Budapest, Helsinki, as well as in Italy. From his travels the works dedicated to the cities are born. Today the metropolises are his favorite subjects, brilliantly enhanced by the technique of monochrome.
It is included in the historical archives of the Roman Quadrennial and in the Catalog of Modern Art published by Giorgio Mondadori (Milan), classified AC: High Critical Interest. He creates works for the Venice Biennale in 2007 and 2011. Part of the Arcani Movement with which he exhibits in Italy and the United States. In November 2012 his works dedicated to human rights are exhibited at the UN gallery. Thus returns the social theme in Guadalupi's painting: the contrasts between wealth and developing reality, the dreams of young people, the protection of children.
One of his works is acquired on permanent display by the Giuseppe Sciortino Museum in Monreale (Palermo). Another is on permanent display at the National Museum in Lviv, Ukraine.

The evolution

Cambition and always remain the same. It is the most difficult and astonishing revolution that can be accomplished. Roberto Guadalupi managed that today it experiences an important stage in its artistic evolution. A great change, a revolution in fact, in which his identity remains firm and yet transforms. The characters and landscapes, the metropolises, motherhood and travel are always his favorite themes, but the way of telling them is different. The Master uses a new language, much more modern, indeed particularly in line with the trends of contemporary art today. More abstract, less descriptive, but always faithful to his experience and the stories he loves to narrate: a palette with brighter, warmer colors and a vigorous brush stroke, much more powerful than that of his traditional figurative. These are the characteristics of a new pictorial key that stems from a search for freedom. For many years, in fact, Guadalupi has followed and traced a path aimed at freer gestures, a more open and instinctive creativity. Spontaneity is in the indistinct features, in the subjects almost mentioned, in the fullness of the chromatic material and in a brush stroke that often brings the color up to the edge of the picture, as if wanting to get out of the canvas. A bursting spontaneity, finally free, that could only come after a lot of experience gained. The artist, in short, return to a primordial gesture to make a contemporary evolution.

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The works of Guadalupi Roberto - The evolution

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