Hepeisen Stefania

Hepeisen Stefania

Stefania Hepeisen was born in Milan where he graduated in Medicine and Surgery. Here he worked as a surgeon for twenty years. Since 1990 he has dedicated himself to the study of painting, initially dedicating himself to watercolor and subsequently to acrylic and trompe l'oeil. Subsequently he developed a passion for oil painting which became his favorite in the hyper-realistic and four-colour technique. He currently works between Milan e Forte dei Marmi.

For several years he dedicated himself to painting what is improperly defined still life: inappropriately because its subjects are, in reality, powerfully alive and speaking. They tell of the entirely feminine delicacy of the silks that wrap the fruits of nature, the fantastic representation of earthly objects that escape materiality and become a precious representation of it. The controlled hand expresses a technique of cold precision, with an exasperated search for detail, both in the colors and in the lights. From his works, however, nothing cold transpires: on the contrary, a profound love for a comforting and beloved nature, astonishing in its beauty, shines through. From that love, an almost sensual softness is born in the petals, in the fabrics, in the rich shades and a joyful liveliness in the colors. The choice of still life may appear outdated, nostalgic, but reworked in a modern key it is motivated as the only way to express a very acute sensitivity that allows the artist to tell his own story, revealing it in part.


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