Migneco Giuseppe

Migneco Giuseppe

He was born in Messina but soon moved to Milan to pursue his artistic aspirations. To survive he makes illustrations for The Corriere dei Piccoli, advertising sketches for a tie company and works as a rotogravure retoucher. In the meantime he paints mostly autobiographical subjects.
His painting took a turn when, thanks to his friend Beniamino Joppolo, he met Birolli, De Grada and Sassu. By attending their studies, he resumes painting with a new spirit, giving life to the humble characters in whom he will always recognize his Sicily. The Sicilian condition, the scream of the humble and desperate, became his poetics. In 1937 he was among the founders of the movement Current with Treccani, Birolli, Cassinari, Sassu, De Grada, Guttuso, Vedova, Morlotti, Manzù, Fontana. Movement that exposes the freedom of art in opposition to the culture of the regime expressed by "twentieth century" and by fascism. Current survives until July 25, 1943.
Over the years the exasperation of color which becomes real organic matter, the signs that line the faces of his are strong farmers and the fruits of their labors. The strokes and brush strokes are so vigorous that they seem engraved on canvas. He is thus recognized as one of the masters of contemporary Italian art and exhibits in the most prestigious galleries: from the Venice Biennale to New York, from Paris to Stuttgart and Amsterdam.

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