Savin Donato

Savin Donato

Now known internationally, he is one of the most famous Aosta Valley artists, a contemporary craftsman who interprets and revisits the rocks of his mountains in an essential way, with many types of creations but, above all, with his stelae - Gods of stone. A reinterpretation of an ancestral dimension, palpable in the air of his Aosta Valley, where he lives and works in Cogne, in the Epinel hamlet. Like all people who are used to living in close contact with nature, he is, first of all, a very skilled observer. Of the landscape, of the animals, of its mountains. This is the only way to explain his subtle attention in choosing the monoliths and the details on which to intervene. Its stelae then take on a new physiognomy and, removed from their natural habitat, confront themselves with urban landscapes and exhibition spaces. In their essential verticality, in reaching towards the sky, however, they forcefully reaffirm, from time to time, their origin. The acid green of the lichens mix and contrast with the veins, the porosity of the stone, its slight harshness, the thin furrows tell us about the mineral composition of the rock.

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