Squicciarini Antonio

Squicciarini Antonio

Born in Bari in 1957, he made his debut at the age of 13 with a solo show at the Sporting club at the Teatro Margherita. For three years he is a pupil of Bruno Cassinari. He moved to Milan where he attended the Accademia di Brera and attended the studies of great contemporary artists including Ernesto Treccani and Domenico Purificato. Together with other young artists he became the founder in Milan of the current New Realism and, always in the Lombard city, organizes exhibitions in night clubs, activities that deserve the fascinating definition of "painter of the night".
In 1984, on the occasion of the inauguration of Domenico Cantatore's exhibition at the Swabian Castle of Bari, he burned more than fifty of his works in protest against the indifference of the organs of culture towards young artists. In the same year the casual and lucky encounter with the scenographer Danilo Donati leads him to live the cinematographic experience designing the scenography for the film "Ginger and Fred" by Federico Fellini. He knows Marc Chagall, with whom he shares a passion for flying characters.
The pains he faces in his life are transformed into a state of grace. His works are characterized by the joy of color, hugs, music and dreams.

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