Refund and return policy


If an item does not correspond to your expectations, you can request a return within fourteen days of delivery. You can also request a replacement or refund.

Returned products

  1. If for some reason the purchased item does not fully satisfy you, you can request a return within fourteen (14) days of delivery.

  2. After delivery of an item, you can request a return by contacting the Gallery at the numbers: tel: 080/5468864; cell: 3405903641 or by sending an email to the following email address:

  3. Once your request has been received, the Gallery will contact you to provide you with any useful information on how to carry out the return (packaging, shipping) and confirm the authorization for the return;

  4. The item must be shipped within five days of confirmation of the return authorization.

  5. It is possible to return any work purchased as long as it is returned to the Gallery in its original condition and packaging.

  6. The Gallery reserves the right not to accept returned goods if the return does not comply with the terms and conditions set out in this return policy:

    1. Returned goods must not be altered in any way; the work will be accepted only in its original condition;

    2. The goods must be returned in the same condition in which they were shipped and adequately packaged;

    3. Returns must be sent in the original packaging;

  7. Within ten days of returning the item, the Gallery will subject the work to an in-depth examination to verify its conformity with that originally sold; the originality of the good; as well as the conditions of the certificate of originality.

  8. The gallery will inform you of the outcome of the verification activity, proceeding, within the following fourteen days, with the reimbursement, if the integrity of the work is ascertained, or with the return of the work at your expense, in the opposite case.

  9. Return costs are paid in full by the “SanGiorgioArte” Art Gallery, if the integrity of the work is ascertained.


In the event of obvious and visible damage to the package, we advise you to photograph it and not accept it.

The package will be returned with costs borne exclusively by the Gallery.

If, following the opening of the intact package, the work is damaged, please contact us at the numbers: tel: 080/5468864; cell: 3405903641 or by sending an email to the following email address: within 24 hours immediately following delivery of the goods and to send us photos that clearly highlight the damage.


We will provide you with all the information necessary for the correct return of the goods and the request for replacement with other work that may be available or reimbursement.

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