Time without time - Exhibition Ido Erani

Time without time - Exhibition Ido Erani

The exhibition of Maestro Ido Erani, the poet of Time without Time, took place for the first time in Bari.

Giorgio Vasari argued that “the fresco is the last testing ground for a painter and at the same time the most virile, the safest, the most resolute and durable of all the other methods”. Ido Erani is testimony to this. In his pictorial creations, the dialogue with the great masters of the past is carried out on an equal footing: from the search for shades, to harmonic combinations, from light to color. With his art, Maestro Erani manages to eternalize the moment, to fix the flow of feelings, to make the flow of emotions permanent.

Ido Erani was born in Forlì in 1945 where he has been living and working for over fifty years. He attended the Art School of his hometown and then moved to Milan to the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. It is the 70s, a period in which the city is the hub of artistic and avant-garde movements, important at national level. The Maestro comes into contact with exponents of the caliber of Giovanni Cappelli, Walter Cremonini, Gianfranco Ferroni and Luigi Timoncini. This youthful experience allows him to develop and refine his art to the point of obtaining important awards. In the short period spent in Rome he met Renzo Vespignani, who praised his portraits and encouraged him to continue his artistic journey. He participates in numerous national reviews, winning prestigious prizes, and sets up various solo exhibitions abroad, mainly in the United States. The most significant stage of the Maestro's artistic career is represented by his long stay in Los Angeles, about ten years, during which he reaches the highest levels of his creative expression. He makes a deep friendship with Roy Linchtestein and meets the greatest exponent of Pop Art: Andy Warhol. He refines his painting techniques, methods of representation and the use of color by observing everything that gravitates around him without being contaminated by the trend of the moment, however, taking inspiration and further creative energy. Thanks to his innate talent and love for art, critics recognize and appreciate him internationally; some of his works are exhibited at the Rockefeller Museum and the Guggenheim Museum in New York as well as in France and Spain where the Maestro is particularly appreciated. During this period he frequently returns to Italy in his beloved Romagna keeping alive and consolidated the relationship with his origins. In 2004 he won the prestigious Rotary Prize and was awarded the Paul Harris Fellow for artistic and humanitarian merits. He also received this recognition in 2010 and 2014. He exhibited in 2015 at the Bologna Art Fair with the “Campaiola” Art Studio, Via Margutta, Rome. Selected by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi, it is present in the exhibition “Il Tesoro d'Italia” at the Eataly Pavilion of the Expo Arte in Milan and for the exhibition “Il Grano d'Italia” at the Palazzo della Regione Lombardia. - + In 2016, the work “The seduction of wheat” chosen by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi at the Milan Expo becomes the Senatore Cappelli pasta brand of the Terre Lucane Agricultural Company and conquers an audience of gourmets in the international gastronomic sector. Among the most famous exhibitions we remember: Chicago, Rome and the Palazzo della Regione Emilia Romagna for an exhibition against femicide. He creates works for the Arma dei Carabinieri of Forlì-Cesena, for the Giro d'Italia in Forlì, for the cyclist Michele Scarponi, for the Italian Post Office in Forlì, for the arrival of the President of the Republic in Forlì and for Pope Bergoglio. Thanks to his competence and professionalism, his presence as an art consultant is required throughout the peninsula.

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